About six months ago my future looked completely different.

I want to be an educator my entire life and I was a math education major up until the end of last semester. I started to feel like I wanted more out of my life and as if I had more to accomplish like the Wright Brothers. Education would have been a solid career for me much like Katherine Wright. Yet, I feel as through I would not b fully satisfied. I am a good public speaker like Wilber, a Goofball like Orville but I am very outgoing unlike ether of the two. These qualities and a few others is why I felt as though my talents and gifts could be used for something more exciting and ever-changing. Marketing is a major that I feel I can do just about anything with. But in order to being successful in this major in career I believe the Wright brothers give some good advice on the best way to chase a new idea.

First in order to begin their plans on flight they did a lot of research. They also didn’t just study people who attempted to fly before, but rather studied species that were masters of flight. I feel as though one of the best ways to gather detailed research on the world of marketing is to read about the change in markets daily through articles and statistics. I believe the second thing at the right brothers did was Learning from their mistakes. I feel as though in my career it would be most important for me not to get upset over making mistakes but rather be intentional about learning and growing from those mistakes to become a better leader in the long run. Perseverance is the third thing that the Wright brothers taught me through reading their story. There were many times when the brothers wanted to give up and go home yet holding onto their dream helped him push through to the next day. I feel as though in any career there will be good days and bad days and I will need to push and know that my hard work will not go to waste if I just keep going. The fourth is their ability to problem solve. The brothers ran into many problems while constructing and testing their design. I believe this best demonstrates that it is okay to fail but you have to keep trying until you get it right. Lastly, I grew up in a home much like the brothers. My parents were kind, encouraging and religious. They pushed me to always be curious about the world and pay attention to the little things. This being said I understand how a good foundation can shape you to chase your dreams. However, it is still good to hold on to what you like and what you’re good at like a brothers did with the bike shop. There’s still a chance that one day I will teach in a classroom however now it will possibly be business or marketing at a high school.




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Casey Glover

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