Camel or Unicorn?

I have learned recently that my entrepreneurship spirit stems from being a specialist and a builder. This means that if I were to ever create a business of my one it would be very specific to one line of products or services. The builder in me would want to advance by branching into the wants and needs from the success of the product. With this logic in mind, I am confident that I am a camel.

You may be asking yourself now, “what are you even talking about Casey? How does your business or type of entrepreneur make you an animal?” A Camel is used as a metaphor to describe a business that grows at a slow and steady pace. These businesses are consistent and know how to survive through a crisis. They focus on growing their business as they go or need to change in order to benefit their original ideas. The counterpart of the camel metaphor is a unicorn. Unicorns are fast wealthy businesses that bring in a high-risk, high reward scenario. Their only goal is to be billionaires no matter the risks. This business model is completely foreign to me. I typically only take calculated risks that I believe will benefit me in the long term, not the short term. I believe that the best way to grow is over time. Where there is an opportunity to learn and grow from mistakes and to note feel as much pleasure from others.

My favorite example of a camel business model is The Rosewood Family of Companies. I was blessed with the opportunity to intern for them during the summer of 2021. The Mission statement is “to multiply our blessing.” The first company that they owned was ProVantage which is a travel retail merchandising business. From there they have since added 4 other businesses that benefit ProVantage. These advancing businesses include technology or staffing for Povantage. The other two companies were created because they require similar resources or qualifications that were within Rosewood’s abilities to create. The other aspect of this model is that Rosewood takes more time investing in its employees and community than any unicorn model I have heard of. The aspects are more meaningful to me when I think of how I would run my own business one day. I am now and will forever be a Camel at heart. #rollhumps




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Casey Glover

Casey Glover

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