The journey to 500 connections in one mouth

Solaris Analytics has many benefits to its product that if recognized will change a companies perspective of their target customer. This product can help so many companies save more money than they spend on web insights. However Solaris Analytics is still in the start up phase. Thanks to Martin’s fantastic remote team, the software is very close to finished. The team is eager to introduce the product into the market. But before that can happen the team will need to switch gears to focus on the branding and marketing aspects of the company in order to introduce their product to potential customers.

When taking any entrepreneur class the first lesson a student may learn is that it only takes on customers to start a business. This product has yet to be introduced to the market. This product is different then all of the others on the market because it allows all of a customer’s data to be in one place. The webinsight is also customized to customers to fit best with their needs. The price tag for a year-long subscription is also high, ranging between $40,000-$60,000. That being said, most of the customers want to insure that whatever business investments they make will end up making them more money overall. All Solaris Analytics needs is one customer to take a chance on their product.

The best way for Solaris to accomplish this is to create a detailed presentation to present to continue the list of clients. Yet the issue is still acquiring a pipeline to acquire these customers. There is power in having connections. Fortunately there is a company that specializes in business connections and that company is Linkedin. Linkedin allows a user to connect to any account without first making a connection as long as the message is 300 characters or less. In order to connect with these companies in a scalable and repeatable way we created a script to initiate the conversation. If a company responses then we will move forward in the conversation with the goal to set up a time to possibly deliver a demonstration for the customers so that they can interact with product to see how it can be easily integrated into their company. Although some companies take an easy route to curating a pipeline by buying lists of potential customers online, Solaris values ethics and procuring meaningful connections. Therefore, the Campbell team created a list of 500 potential customers with the hope of securing a meeting with at least 50 of the companies. By using this experiment I do think it is possible to secure at least one customer.




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